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The 9H-150 is a hydraulic indenting tool for non-insulated terinals and sleeves up to 150 mm2. When rolled-and-blazed connectors are installed, indenting crimp is appllied. Indentation is made on the seam of connector for appropriate mechanical and electrical characteristics of connected conductors. The 9H-150 is designed so that the connected conductors meet JIS requirement as well as requirement for the tool itself.
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9H-150 main view | alt. 1 tools SPECIFICATIONS:
  • OUTPUT FORCE (Metric Ton): 12
  • LENGTH (mm): 510
  • WEIGHT (kg): 4.2
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  • Unique to satge pumping for rapid ram advance
  • Relief value
  • Rotary nest for easy setting
  • JIS standard approved tool.
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  • Indentor : 14, 22, 38-70, 80-150 mm2 (4 pieces), double molded carrying case.
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